Gillian Flynn


Gone Girl was amazing. I loved how twisted Gillian created her characters. Many books have been compared to Gone Girl such as Train Wreck uh I mean The Girl on the Train. I could write a 10 page essay on how much I hated that book. As such I have been very hesitant to read anything compared to Gone Girl because it never comes close. That said my husband has been asking me to read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. He said it is better than Gone Girl. Now that Sharp Objects has been made into an HBO series my husband insists on watching it. I don't really want to watch it before reading the book because rarely the show lives up to the book. Therefore I have two choices: read the book or suck it up and watch the show. So here I am with my crisp new copy of Sharp Objects praying that it is not as bad of a disappointment than every other comparison to Gone Girl.